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Hijab Model – Yassmin Mohsen

With all the hijab stylists, designs, hijab fashion shows and magazines, veiled models are in demand in Egypt. Yassmin Mohsen is one of those girls that does hijab modeling.

I like what she is wearing in the picture with the fanous (lamp). Awesome inspiration anyway, although some of the tops she wears with jeans are a little to short for my taste…

Do you like her style?

This is a hijab tip from one of my dear readers.

Menna Fadali in hijab

Menna Fadali is an Egyptian actress that doesn’t normally wear hijab. Thats why I wanted to share these cute pics with you;

Seeeee? She is so much more elegant wearing the abaya and hijab (although her hair peeps out)…

This is how she looks like normally (and mind you, I would not post a hijab-less picture of her if she was a hijabi/mohagaba);

What is better; with or without hijab? I vote WITH!

Bosnian hijab style

I found this blog about Bosnian hijab style. The site has got some very nice pictures, and I’m sure you can find even more there if you are patient (the site just opened)… Here is some of what you can find;

I love these pictures. What do you think about Bosnian hijab style?