Chevron stripes and ol’ flat stripes for the win. At least winning the most comfortable outfit of the month-award. I could get used to that.

And the disturbance you see in the pictures is April SNOW (get me out of here!), not dandruff gone wild.

P1040317 P1040332S P1040337-RecoveredScarf: Qatar

Varsity jacket: Statemeant

Striped top: Forever21

Chevron print maxi skirt: Delicate Hijabi

Faux leather plimsolls: Forever21

Le Bleu

Randomness the other day: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? What did you become? And what do you want do be when you really, really grow up?

Personally, I spent the first years of my life wanting to become a scientist. More specifically I wanted to extract and clone DNA from a Dodo bird and bring a specimen to life somehow (implicit in this statement of purpose was that I’d go on to work the same magic on dinosaurs after my initial success).

Later, I entertained  thoughts of becoming an actress (some sort of role somewhere is still on my to-do-before-I-die list), president, rapper, freedom fighter, and doctor (this latter one was really temporary when I was desperate for serious options).

Nowadays, I’m some sort of grad student-style blogger hybrid, waiting for an entry level position/apprenticeship in the super hero field to open up.

 P1010287s  P1010234P1010253P1010283Scarf: H&M

Baggy tribal print top: Urban Outfitters

Pleated palazzo pants: Delicate Hijabi

Floral Err’thang

There’s not much to say about this casual outfit except for YAY, floral sneakers. Do you know how much I needed these? I saw them in the store, 1 1/2 size too big, and so I went home empty-handed, planning to buy them online in the correct fit. That did of course not happen, as there were even fewer sizes available on there. So I went back, and after a cost-benefit calculation (these will make my already humongous feet look monstrous vs. can I live without that amount of hipness, though?), I ended up getting these babies in size 10 (!). Well, at least I have room for 3 pairs of thick socks, should that ever become necessary. P1010231P1010229

Scarf: Ebay

Mesh embroidered kimono: Urban Outfitters

Oversized open-back shirt: Bikbok (Norway)

Floral pattern jeans: Forever21

Floral sneakers: Forever21

Slightly Hip Hop

Growing up in the 90s and reaching my teens at the turn of the century, I was of the generation who saw rap go mainstream. Pac was my hero and I spent the very first years of the 2000s listening extensively to Fugees, Dr. Dre, Eve, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Ja Rule (haha, where did he disappear?), occasionally the Wu Tang Clan, and sadly (I can’t stand his voice or his crappy attitude toward his mom and ex-wife) Eminem.

Naturally then, next to my experimenting with turbans and fedoras, late 90s/early 00s hip hop aesthetics inspired my style significantly. Extreme hoops, baggy pants, sneakers, bandanas, and faux Timberlands with heels (ewww) were staples in my wardrobe, and I also did several rounds of braids (and looked slightly cool, somewhat ridiculous as a result).

Today I have a much more diverse style of course, but I still can’t help mixing slightly sporty tops, harem or baggy pants, gold accessories, and sneakers from time to time for a toned-down, covered interpretation of that epoch’s fashion.

WP_20140409_011P1040722Scarf: Ebay

Oversized shirt: ASOS

Floral sports tank: Forever21

Denim harems (the best fit ever): Sara Elemary

Sneakers: Aldo